Saturday, 5 July 2008

Multi-Company Version of SliQ

Development of the multi-company version of SliQ is coming to an end. The last thing to be done is to update the help file and write the installer before reviewing and test begins.

The multi-company version adds a new tab (shown on the right) listing the companies SliQ knows about. Simply selecting a company in the list, loads it data into the other tabs.
The bottom panel allows the user to keep notes about the company, e.g. the dates invoicing needs to be done on each month.
When the user adds a new company into SliQ a company setup wizard is launched guiding the user through entering the company details, VAT/ tax registration number and so on. SliQ automatically creates a filename based on the company name and saves the company data.
With any luck, if reviewing and testing goes well SliQ Invoicing & Quoting MC should be released within 2 weeks.

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