Tuesday, 8 July 2008

First Review of Multi-Company SliQ

First review of the multi-company version of SliQ highlighted a couple of areas that need reconsideration:-

  1. Upgrading from the single company version. How do you transfer data from one version to the other?
  2. Is it entirely friendly to have a Restore Backup button on the Companies tab?

For point 1, the current idea is that you create a dummy company and then load an SLB (SliQ backup file) into the company overwriting the existing contents. This isn't entirely friendly however, so we may have to add a feature where you can create a new company by opening a backup file.

For point 2, although it seems to be convenient to have the button on the Companies tab, in some ways it's a bit inconvenient - the user could end up overwriting data in the wrong company by mistakenly clicking on the wrong row. Perhaps the easiest, less problematic thing to do would be to remove the save and restore backup buttons from the Companies tab and leave them in the Setup tab and SliQ start menu as in the single company version.

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