Sunday, 6 July 2008

Installshield 11.5 and .Net 2.0 runtime install

I'm doing a new installer for a new software package and it's 6 months since I last used Installshield. I find it pretty difficult finding my way around Installshield so I'm making a blog post about what I had to do to get .Net 2.0 installed as well as the main package.

Last time I did an installer I needed to install the .Net 2.0 runtime prior to the main package. I had to a fair bit of research using Google to find the info I needed. This time around I ended up doing the same searching so I'm making a note in this blog for future reference.

Using InstallShield 11.5 ...

  1. You have to run the Release Wizard and create a new Product Configuration to include .Net 2.0. The wizard has an option to include .Net 2.0 that appears nowhere else in InstallShield.
  2. In the Installation Designer, click on the Media/ Releases node and then, in the middle panel, click on the release to configure more .Net install options. Then ...
  3. In the Command Line to dotnetfx.exe option, put " /q:a /c:\"install /qb\"". This forces a quiet install of the runtime.
  4. Set Show full user interface when installing .Net framework to Yes.
  5. Set display .Net Option dialog to No so the user is not given the option to skip installing .Net 2.0.
  6. Set Delay .Net Reboot to Yes.

Then save everything and build the installation. Now, if the setup.exe is executed on a machine that doesn't have .Net 2.0, the installer will make sure the runtime is installed on the user's machine.

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Just use for it the Actual Installer program.