Monday, 9 June 2008

Favourite Tools for SEO

This post contains links to some of my favourite SEO tools.

Keyword Density Checking

These tools check for the occurrence and density of keywords in websites.

Measuring your PageRank

Tools that can be used for measuring the current PageRank of a web page.
Google Toolbar - installs a toolbar into your browser and includes the option of displaying the PageRank of pages you visit.

Predicting your future PageRank

These links provide tools that attempt to predict your PageRank. Note: The tools are for curiosity only and the predicted values are sometimes wide of the mark - they aren't really SEO aids.

Google Results for Multiple Countries

This tool allows you to see how a website performs in multiple countries. There is no single "google" and the results from Google data centres for different countries can be very different.

Find out who owns a competitor domain

This tool allows you to find out who own a domain. The report also provides an SEO rating.

Find Blogs on a particular topic

This tool allows you to find blogs on particular topics. Posting comments on blogs can give you free backlinks.

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Nikki said...

Those tools are really helpful when doing SEO. Whether which tool you choose to use, the important thing is you know what you are doing.