Sunday, 1 March 2009

SliQ Invoicing 1.6 Released

SliQ Invoicing 1.6 has now been released. Although it's only 6 weeks since version 1.5.1 of SliQTools invoicing software was released, 1.6 is quite a significant update. In 1.6, a number of options have been added to allow customers to modify the provided templates for invoices, quotes and credit notes.

As of 1.6, templates can now optionally include a tax rate column. If desired, the tax value column can now be ommitted and users who are VAT/ tax registered can now choose whether the total column is the gross or net amount. One of the biggest additions to version 1.6 however is a label editor.

The label editor is provided on the Template Setup tab. The editor lists all the fixed text labels on the selected template preview and lets the user enter their own value. For example, US customers might like to change the Delivery Address label to Shipping Address. Using the new label editor it is even possible to fully translate the standard templates into Spanish, French or German for example.
For futher details of the modifications and additions in SliQ 1.6 and to download the latest copy, visit the SliQ Release History page.