Sunday, 31 August 2008

SliQTools now has SiteLinks

Today I noticed that for a couple of search terms, the SliQTools website now has sitelinks on Google. The links aren't really to the pages I would have wished to highlight to users.

If I could generate the sitelinks manually - which isn't possible with Google sitelinks - I'd have chosen the invoice software page, download trial page, invoice templates page and sales pages. Instead, Google has chosen the Invoices & Payments page, Invoice Templates page and Release History pages.

It's interesting how Google has chosen the names for the links too.

The names aren't the first words in the page titles, i.e. in the HTML title tags. Also, in the case of the Invoice Templates link, the link text isn't the anchor text used for links to the pages within the site either. Interestingly, the Invoices & Payments link has only one text link pointing to it within the SliQTools website - mostly it's linked from a thumbnail. I thnk the sitelinks persist for 3 months, i.e. the links won't change for 90 days.

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